Polish for Beginners 5, level A1

18.02.2014–29.04.2014 Oulu

Puolan kielen peruskurssi 5, taso A1

Aika ja paikka

18th of February–29th of April 2014 (except 4th of March),
on Tuesdays at 16.30–18.00 (20 h)


Students who have completed Polish for beginners 4 or have equivalent Polish language skills (please feel free to contact the teacher if you are not sure whether the course suits your skills level)


MA, KM Magda Karjalainen

Native Polish language speaker, English teacher at the University of Oulu, PhD student at the Faculty of Education, specializing in language policies in education, magda.karjalainen (at) oulu.fi, tel. 040 414 5931


By the end of the course student:

  • will be able to communicate in everyday life situations 
  • will be able to produce simple spoken and written texts on everyday life topics
  • will have wider knowledge of main grammatical structures and will be able to use them appropriately
  • will be able to understand simple texts on familiar topics
  • will be able to pronounce all Polish sounds properly
  • will have broader knowledge of Poland and main features of Polish language


The course aims to advance students basic Polish language communication skills needed in everyday life. During the course students will expand further their vocabulary on everyday life topics, such as family life, work life, travelling, shopping, free time, food, accommodation, Poland and Polish culture. Students will expand their knowledge of grammatical structures, focusing on verb conjugation (present, past imperfective and perfective, future imperfective tense), noun and adjective declensions (nominative, genitive, accusative, instrumental, locative of all genders in singular and plural), numerals, prepositional phrases and pronouns. Students will practice the use of those grammatical structures in speaking and writing, as well as in listening and reading exercises. Students will work also on their pronunciation.

Learning materials: Will be provided by the teacher (the majority of the materials is based on the series “Hurra Po Polsku 1” by Małgorzata Małolepsza, Aneta Szymkiewicz, textbook and exercise book)

Teaching language: Polish (English and Finnish are used as supporting languages)


80 €


By the 6th of February at the office of Pohjois-Pohjanmaan kesäyliopisto, Oulu

The registration is binding. If the student wishes to cancel his/her registration after the registration time, he/she will be charged half the price of the course. If the student does not make a cancellation at all, the total price will be charged.